Event Submitted Date

3/30/2023 11:52 AM

Meeting Location

Microsoft TEAMS

Hartford, CT, 06105


Paige Rasid

450 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT 06103

Meeting Purpose

See agenda, it includes: Process of Engaging with Legislature on FY 24 budget for Reinvestment

Meeting Type

Special Meeting

Additional Information

For more information about he SEC - visit: HTTP://www.ct.gov/socialequitycouncil or contact: SEC@ct.gov Join link can be found in the meeting agenda also - Meeting link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_ZmEyZjE5ODYtNDU4Mi00MjBlLTk3NmQtMzQ5MzI4YzI3YmU2%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22118b7cfa-a3dd-48b9-b026-31ff69bb738b%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22010e3577-b8f7-4d27-a372-be198f57a6b9%22%7d

  • Minutes will be taken
  • Video conference available

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